About Us

Bridgeport Insurance Services, Inc. began on May 15, 1978, with the first office being located in Cerritos, California.  Outgrowing our facilities in Cerritos, on January 15, 1988, we moved our offices to Los Alamitos, California.  Our new office was, at the time, strategically selected for itís geographic location along with facilities that were much more accommodating for our anticipated growth. 



The purpose behind the creation of Bridgeport Insurance Brokers, Inc. was and still to this day remains to provide superior insurance products and service on a sound and profitable basis. Additionally, we realized that in order to maintain a solid foundation throughout the year we must continuously provide a fair and equitable career for our staff. 

Bridgeport has now provided professional service to the ground transportation industry for over 30 years.  Proudly representing the majority of insurance carriers allows us to find the most successful underwriting approach to the insurance needs of our clients. All of us at Bridgeport are proud of our past and remain extremely positive about our future.  With our current experienced staff we are confident and excited about our future success.  Bridgeportís long term goal is to continue to provide the ground transportation industry with the insurance services they require at the most competitively priced premiums available. 

We are an organization instilled with the spirit of youth and the wisdom and experience hard work and age bring us.  This combination reflects our progressive thoughts and procedures allowing us to attract an ever widening circle of industry and related business partners. 

The principals of our Company are extremely proud of the staff as well as the long term partnerships with our clients and the insurance carriers we represent. 

We believe the real story of Bridgeport remains to be written in the future.